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Unlocking the Future with Entropy Mainnet: A Gateway to Experience and Earnings (X and E)


Planning to integrate an existing business into a blockchain network? Entropy Network, now officially live for the general public, offers a groundbreaking solution. This pioneering network simplifies the integration process.

At its core, Entropy dedicates itself to diminishing barriers for WEB2-based services to access blockchain services seamlessly. It also ensures reliability with service-specific private blockchains.

Entropy serves as a comprehensive platform where users can engage in both Experience & Earn (X&E) activities and explore promising blockchain services.

Introduction to Entropy: Navigating the Convergence

Entropy’s journey begins with a vision to bring the decentralized world closer to the masses. The primary goal is to facilitate easy access to blockchain services for traditional web-based businesses, unlocking numerous opportunities.

As users delve into this blockchain ecosystem, they can explore various services, including Play-to-Earn (P2E), Move-to-Earn (M2E), and Learn-to-Earn (L2E), with the potential for previously unattainable profits.

However, it doesn’t end there.

Entropy is committed to continuously expanding its ecosystem, forming connections between diverse services and digital assets within its network. The platform’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and support for Multichain through bridge chains ensure seamless connections to the broader blockchain universe, opening doors to new possibilities.

Architecture of Entropy: The Foundation of Trust

The network operates collectively, with multiple companies serving as validators under the supervision of the Entropy Foundation. Approval to join this foundation is granted through a rigorous deliberation process, ensuring that only the most dependable entities become part of the network.

With a total of 21 Node Validators, Entropy employs a permission-based Proof of Authority (POA) consensus algorithm. This choice leads to shorter block generation cycles, lightning-fast transaction speeds, and cost-effective network operation. Blocks are generated every 3 seconds, accommodating an average capacity of 62.4 transactions per second (TPS) within a single block.

What sets Entropy apart? Its commitment to fairness.

Block validation and rewards follow a round-robin approach, eschewing competition in favor of sequential payments to validators. Block rewards consist of 0.2 ENT per node plus 10% of the Block Transaction Fee. Validators have the potential to mine ENT for a maximum of 25 years, promoting long-term engagement. Furthermore, 90% of transaction fees are allocated to self-burning, a strategy designed to preserve the value of Entropy Coin.

Services in the Entropy Ecosystem: Powering the Future

Within the Entropy ecosystem, a suite of services empowers users and businesses alike:

  • Entropy Bridge: This feature seamlessly connects external public chains using bridge chains, ensuring interoperability and expanding the network’s reach.
  • Entropy Scan: Real-time verification of all transactions and executed smart contracts, offering transparency and trust in the blockchain’s operations.
  • Entropy Wallet: A secure haven for digital assets from all services integrated into the Entropy network, making asset management a breeze.
  • Marketplace: Streamlining asset trading, this marketplace goes beyond traditional assets to encompass the exciting world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and more.

Future Plans: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

The journey of Entropy is just beginning, and the roadmap ahead is laden with promises:

  • Entropy SDK Release (Scheduled): An upcoming release that will empower WEB2 developers unfamiliar with blockchain to transition their services to WEB3 effortlessly using the Entropy SDK.
  • Entropy Launcher Opening Soon: For gamers, the Entropy platform is set to offer seamless gameplay experiences within integrated games, creating a world of interactive possibilities.
  • Upcoming Game/Service Onboarding: Exciting negotiations are underway to onboard various games, including the eagerly anticipated Frutti Dino Series game, slated for release in the latter half of 2023. This signals just the beginning of Entropy’s journey to reshape the future of blockchain-based gaming and services.

In conclusion, Entropy Mainnet is a visionary gateway to Experience and Earnings (X&E) in the digital age. With a robust architecture, a commitment to fairness, and a roadmap teeming with innovation, Entropy is poised to redefine the way blockchain technology is engaged with, making it accessible, profitable, and exciting for all.

About Entropy Network:

Entropy is a dedicated private blockchain designed to seamlessly handle transactions and contracts for a range of blockchain-based services, including DApps and NFT games.

As a fast, secure, and decentralized community blockchain network, Entropy (ENT) is committed to establishing genuine ownership and facilitating transactions of digital assets. Our ecosystem offers a myriad of features, including X&E (Experience and Earn), NFT games, a marketplace, a secure wallet, and more.

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