NewsKeepKey Hardware Wallet now Supports Bitcoin Cash

KeepKey Hardware Wallet now Supports Bitcoin Cash


The demand for services supporting Bitcoin Cash continues to grow. Especially when it comes to exchanges and wallet providers, there’s plenty of room for improvements. KeepKey, one of the world’s leading hardware wallet manufacturers, now supports BCH. Users will need to upgrade to the latest production client. For nearly all users, this process should happen automatically once they connect their devices.

Hardware wallet support is a big boon for any cryptocurrency in the world. Although these devices are not as convenient, they offer top-notch security. In this day and age, enthusiasts need to learn to control their own funds. Using a desktop wallet client or a mobile solution is a good start. Both of these methods still lack security, though. Hardware wallets such as KeepKey are an absolute must-have in the golden era of cryptocurrency. It requires a small investment, but knowing funds is 100% secure and offline at all times well warrants the cost.

A Much-needed Update for KeepKey Users

Especially now that KeepKey supports Bitcoin Cash, things will get very interesting. It is the big “announcement” of the update, but it’s not the only change. Many users who own a KeepKey have been wondering if BCH will ever be integrated. The company has taken this feedback to heart. It was quite some time since we last saw the last KeepKey software update. It seems the developers were working on some big changes. Integrating Bitcoin Cash support is a big step forward. Cryptocurrency is not just about Bitcoin these days.

Additional changes include overrides for Etherscan API calls. Additionally, there’s better ShapeShift support without fees. Plus, the user interface got a big overhaul which is a lot more friendly toward novice KeepKey users. It is good to see some of these much-needed changes come to this popular device. A big software update is exactly what the hardware wallet needs at this point. It will be interesting to see how many Bitcoin Cash users will go back to using KeepKey in the future.

Moreover, the KeepKey wallet software can help users claim their missing BCH as well. Within the software, users can open their BTC account and see the Bitcoin Cash value listed alongside the balance. Thanks to a small button, it can be sent other crypto assets support by this wallet. A very nice touch, as a lot of users have been wondering why they didn’t get this ‘airdropped’ currency. With all of those matters behind us, interesting things will happen. Last but not least, Bitcoin Cash is the only Bitcoin, according to the team. The regular BTC refers to the SegWit1x chain. An interesting opinion.

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